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Muslim Clerics Call to Destroy Egypt’s Great Pyramids

Waiting for the outrage from liberals, Jew-haters, the UN, NGOs, guardians of historical antiquity, Barack Hussein Obama, the Brits, Egyptians, non-Islamists, the Presbyterian Church, the Methodist Church, palestiniasts, Hanan Ashwari, the Human Rights Council, Israeli leftists, Jewish frauds, Mahmoud Abbas, museum curators, Egyptologists, Samantha Power, the Vatican, and others, but nope, I am not hearing a single peep.  Via FrontPageMag:

According to several reports in the Arabic media, prominent Muslim clerics have begun to call for the demolition of Egypt’s Great Pyramids—or, in the words of Saudi Sheikh Ali bin Said al-Rabi‘i, those “symbols of paganism,” which Egypt’s Salafi party has long planned to cover with wax.    Most recently, Bahrain’s “Sheikh of Sunni Sheikhs” and President of National Unity, Abd al-Latif al-Mahmoud, called on Egypt’s new president, Muhammad Morsi, to “destroy the Pyramids and accomplish what the Sahabi Amr bin al-As could not.”

Today in Jewish History – The Eve of Rosh Hashana

Via  Elul 29

In 2000, Palestinian Arabs launched a campaign of terror which came to be known as the Al-Aqsa Intifada. Two days earlier, an Israeli soldier was killed by his Palestinian counterpart while on joint patrol, and the next day, Ariel Sharon visited the Temple Mount.

The next day, on the eve of Rosh Hashana, Palestinian violence erupted across Israel. (Later investigations indicate that the Palestinian Authority had pre-planned the intifada.) Tuvia Grossman, a 20-year-old Jewish student from Chicago, was thrust into the international limelight on when The New York Times published a photo of him — bloodied and battered — crouching beneath a club-wielding Israeli policeman. The caption misidentified him as a Palestinian victim of the intifada. The truth was the total opposite, and the realization that Israel was being unfairly portrayed in the media led to the founding of media monitoring groups such as Over the next four years, Palestinian violence — bolstered by incitement in the Palestinian media — would claim the lives of over 1,000 Israelis and 4,000 Palestinians. The attacks included a wave of over 100 suicide bombings that targeted Israeli restaurants, synagogues and buses.

Here is what the NY Times originally ran.  Remember that Tuvia Grossman, the bloodied man in the photo below, is the Jew, and the media wanted to depict him as a “poorpalestinianpeeeeeepulllllll”.

Tuvia Grossman

Here is the follow-up retraction from the NYT …

(reprinted with permission from Arutz-7)


This past Saturday, The New York Times and many other papers published a
picture – supplied by the Associated Press – of an angry Israeli policeman
and a badly-beaten and bloodied man, with the caption, “An Israeli
policeman and a Palestinian on the Temple Mount.” The picture can be seen
at . Dr. Aaron Grossman, of Chicago, Ill., sent the following letter to the Times:

“Regarding your picture on page A5 (Sept. 30) of the Israeli soldier and
the Palestinian on the Temple Mount – that Palestinian is actually my son,
Tuvia Grossman, a Jewish student from Chicago. He, and two of his friends,
were pulled from their taxicab while traveling in Jerusalem, by a mob of
Palestinian Arabs and were severely beaten and stabbed. That picture could
not have been taken on the Temple Mount because there are no gas stations
on the Temple Mount and certainly none with Hebrew lettering, like the one
clearly seen behind the Israeli soldier attempting to protect my son from
the mob.”

Tuvia Grossman was on his way to the Western Wall on Friday afternoon, and
has been hospitalized ever since with head injuries and a stab wound. He
told Arutz-7 today,

“I was in a taxi on the way to the Kotel [Western Wall] and we got
stoned… [They took me out of the car and beat me and] I gave a scream,
and for a second they let go of me, and I said Shma Yisrael, because I
thought it was all over… After they let go of me, I ran – even though I
had a knife in my leg, G-d gave me the strength to run and I was able to
make it up the hill where there were soldiers by the gas station and they
took care of me. But I was being beaten for around 5 or 6 minutes with a
rock on the top of my head, and I was stabbed in the back of my leg and
kicked and punched all over my body.”

“[When I saw the mis-captioned AP picture] I was extremely, extremely
upset. People see a picture of a youth and they think that it’s a
Palestinian being beaten by Israelis, it changes their world view and makes
them think that it’s the Israelis beating up the Arabs. I was extremely
upset. It was totally the opposite. That policeman was yelling at the
Arabs to back off, and was protecting me from them – so to change it around
and to say that he was beating me, that’s just total distortion, and the
world must be notified about how this is not true – the Jews are the ones
suffering at the hands of the Arabs.”

The Times published a correction today, in which it identified Tuvia
Grossman as “an American student in Israel” – not as a Jew who was beaten
by Arabs. The “correction” also noted that “Mr. Grossman was wounded” in
“Jerusalem’s Old City” – although in fact it occurred in an Arab-populated
neighborhood of Jerusalem, not in the Old City. An Associated Press
spokesman told Arutz-7 that it was looking into the matter.

Muslims hold Jew-hating rally in Toronto: Jews are “racist, inhuman and barbaric”

Via TheBlaze:

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), a collaborative group comprised of Jewish organizations in Canada, has released a startling three-minute video clip of what appears to be an anti-Israel protest.

The rally, which took place on August 28 at Queens Park in Toronto, has ignited fear and debate surrounding radical Islam and its infusion into Western society. describes the event, which was called Al-Quds Day:

Al-Quds Day has been marked since 1979, as decided by Ayatollah Khomeini and the Iranian government, on the last Friday of the Ramadan month in order to express the support of Iran and the Muslim world of Palestinians Authority Arabs and “the liberation of Jerusalem,” to discredit Israel and call for its destruction, and to defy the United States and other western powers.

PLO ambassador says Palestinian state should be free of Jews

More despicable Jew-hatred from Muslims who continue to dictate public policy while ignoring its own 100 year long war against the Jews. Arabs have been killing Jews since the late 1800′s when there was no occupation.   Recall the Hebron riots and massace of Jews in 1929, as just one example.  And don’t even try to suggest  that “uprooting of palestinians” from their homes crap was a reason for anything.  Arabs chose war in 1948.  Arabs suffer the consequences.  Jews don’t deserve this treatment from Muslims just because Arabs were too stupid to accept a state in 1948.  Via USAToday:

The Palestine Liberation Organization’s ambassador to the United States said Tuesday that any future Palestinian state it seeks with help from the United Nations and the United States should be free of Jews.

“After the experience of the last 44 years of military occupation and all the conflict and friction, I think it would be in the best interest of the two people to be separated,” Maen Areikat, the PLO ambassador, said during a meeting with reporters, in response to a question about the rights of minorities in a Palestine of the future.

Such a state would be the first to officially prohibit Jews or any other faith since Nazi Germany, which sought a country that was judenrein, or cleansed of Jews, said Elliott Abrams, a former U.S. National Security Council official.

U.S. House Condemns Goldstone Gaza Report by 344-36

A victory for factual and historical truth.  A knife in the gut of palestinianism, which is nothing less than a movement to ethnically cleanse Jews from their historical homeland.  Via Washington Post:

The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday, in a 344-36 vote, passed a nonbinding resolution that urges President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton “to oppose unequivocally any endorsement” of a UN report that accuses Israeli forces of war crimes in Gaza last winter. Twenty-two representatives voted “present.”

More information via Rep. Berman’s Response to Goldstone on House Gaza War-Crimes Resolution:

* After Judge Richard Goldstone wrote to House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Howard Berman (D-Calif.) to say that a resolution denouncing Goldstone’s report was factually inaccurate, Berman prepared a reply discussing some factual inaccuracies in the Goldstone report:

* Goldstone: The “mandate clearly included rocket and mortar attacks on Israel.”

Berman: “The broadened mandate Justice Goldstone sought was discussed, but not voted on, at a UNHRC plenary session. It was then announced via a press release in an altered formulation, more restrictive than the formulation envisioned by Justice Goldstone. The UNHRC did not create a new mandate.”

* When summarizing the results of investigations into alleged Israeli attacks on Palestinian civilians, the report states that “in none of the cases reviewed were there any grounds which could have reasonably induced the Israeli armed forces to assume that the civilians attacked were in fact taking a direct part in the hostilities.” The report does not take into account that Israeli soldiers were operating under fire, in an extremely volatile and dangerous environment, in which the enemy was hiding among a civilian population.

* The report uncritically attributes numerous statements to “Gaza Authorities” (meaning, Hamas), while often casting doubt on information derived from the international and Israeli press and from non-government-affiliated Israelis. Perhaps most tellingly, the report appears only to cite Israeli statements when it finds such statements a useful basis for criticizing Israel.

Terrorism Awareness: Taliban Release “Code of Ethics” Handbook

The Muslim Taliban have published a codex that offers the right and wrong way to kill, kidnap and maim — and, deems government officials and GIs as perfect targets. Via FoxNews.

The Muslim Taliban have published a codex that offers the right and wrong way to kill, kidnap and maim — and, deems government officials and GIs as perfect targets.

WARDAK PROVINCE, Afghanistan —  As elections draw near in Afghanistan, it appears the Taliban are launching a hearts-and-minds campaign of their own.

In recent weeks, Mullah Mohammad Omar, commander of Taliban forces, has released a code-of-ethics handbook that, among other directives, warns his followers not to conscript children or target innocent people. It also says bombs should be used to kill only government officials and coalition soldiers.

In the 62-bullet-point handbook, homicide bombers get specific instructions. They are to “be fully-educated in their mission”; they are to target “high ranking people”; and they are to “try your best to avoid killing local people.”

Taliban followers are further prohibited from smoking cigarettes, using captured vehicles for their personal use, cutting noses, lips or ears off detainees, and drafting “youngsters that have no beard.”

The handbook — written in Pashto and obtained through U.S. military sources — is entitled “Afghanistan Islamic Emirate Rules and Regulations,” and it is addressed to the “Mujahideen Pashto,” or Taliban commanders.

Friday Sermon on Sudan TV: Preacher Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karouri Calls on US “President Hussein” to Acknowledge that the Jews Carried out 9/11

More Jew hatred and incitement from Islam.  Here is a video and transcript from a Friday sermon at Khartoum, delivered by Sheik Abd Al-Jalil Al-Karouri about those Jews, intended for President Hussein’s ears – and boy, those are one set of ears.  No doubt this video was meant to rattle Barack Hussein Obama’s Muslim identity politics because everyone knows that Muslims never do anything wrong and that Jews do everything wrong.  The sermon aired on Sudan TV on June 5, 2009.  Via MEMRI-TV.


Video: Muslim calls for deaths of 300,000 Americans by anthrax

Watch, listen and smell the stench of Islamism as it pours out of the mouth of one of its many spokespersons, Abdallah Fahd Abd Al-Aziz Al-Nafisi, as he describes in detail – with delight – of his desire for a fellow Muslim to kill 300,000 Americans with anthrax.  Also notice the audience applauding in agreement.  Hey, Barack Hussein Obama, are you listening?  Via

On Al-Jazeera TV, Kuwaiti Prof Suggests a Biological Attack on White House, Prays for Bombing of Nuclear Plant on Lake Michigan

Following are excerpts from a speech by Kuwaiti Professor Abdallah Al-Nafisi, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on February 2, 2009.

Abdallah Al-Nafisi: “Four pounds of anthrax – in a suitcase this big – carried by a fighter through tunnels from Mexico into the U.S., are guaranteed to kill 330,000 Americans within a single hour, if it is properly spread in population centers there.

“What a horrifying idea. 9/11 will be small change in comparison. Am I right? There is no need for airplanes, conspiracies, timings, and so on.

“One person, with the courage to carry four pounds of anthrax, will go to the White House lawn, and will spread this ‘confetti’ all over them, and then will do these cries of joy. It will turn into a real ‘celebration.’

Arab Islamist Cleric to Palestinians: Slaughter the Jews Like You Did in 1929


Sheik Himam Sa’id, Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan, said on Arabic TV last week:

People of Hebron – you are now waging a war against the Jews. You are well-versed in this. We saw how, on a day in 1929, you slaughtered the Jews in Hebron. Today, slaughter them on the land of Hebron. Kill them in Palestine. Arise, oh people of Palestine…arise and face the [PA] Preventive Security forces.

“What will you say to the Jordanian government? Expel the Jewish ambassador from Amman. Amman is pure, and the Jewish ambassador must not defile its soil….Stop normalization with the Jews. Stop all imports and exports with the Jews. Our markets are full of Jewish vegetables and Jewish fruits. Traders who bring these fruits and vegetables are traitors, collaborators.”

The Sejil: A New Iranian Missile

Via The Sejil: A New Iranian Missile.  h/t Daily Alert.

# On Nov. 12, the Iranian media reported the test launch of a new missile called the Sejil. According to Iranian Defense Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, the missile is two-staged, with both stages powered by solid fuel and a range “close to 2,000 kilometers.”

# Developing a solid fuel propelled two-stage missile indicates considerable technological know-how that differs greatly from the liquid fuel technology that has characterized Iranian missiles to date. Therefore, claims made by experts that this is in fact a Shahab-3 missile with a different logo have no foundations whatsoever.

# A solid fuel missile does not require a long, complicated process of fueling a short time before its launch, and is more mobile and therefore harder to locate prior to its launch.

# The existence of Iranian ballistic missiles is meant primarily to deter other countries from attacking Iran. Their existence does not constitute a reason to assume automatic Iranian use of these missiles to attack targets.

# Israel has long been within Iran’s missile range. As long as there is no change in the warhead (i.e., the development of a nuclear warhead), there has been no change in the threat against Israel, though the fact that the missile is solid fuel propelled reduces its vulnerability.

# There is a large gap between test-firing one missile and equipping an army with enough missiles to represent a threat with operational implications. Thus, even if the recent test was successful beyond all expectations and the missile goes into serial production in the near future (which is not very likely), one may safely assume that several years will pass until Iran can deploy a significant number of missiles of this type.