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Home Game – the movie

Home Game, the movie, takes place June 21, 2005 three weeks before the Israeli government closes Gush Katif in preparation for the disengagement plan.

Home Game, the movie is about the last youth basketball tournament during the Gaza disengagement and it will be online for FREE, for the three weeks from the July 8th, until July 29th.

Click here to watch it.

Five years since the Gaza Disengagement

Via Aish: Today In Jewish History

Av 10

In 2005, the government of Israel began the Gaza Disengagement, where 9,000 Jewish residents were evicted from their homes. Despite mass rallies against the disengagement, and an orange-ribbon campaign, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon implemented the plan with the hope of reducing security concerns and diffusing the demographic problem of Gaza’s 1.5 million Arabs. Upon completion of the evacuation, all 21 Jewish communities in Gaza were bulldozed and destroyed. Only the synagogues were left standing; these were then torched by Arab mobs.